Group 29

Location     60 km NW of Pemberton, BC

commodity     Copper/Molybdenum

Land     493 hectare


The Shotgun Property (the “Property”) is a grassroots-stage mineral exploration project located 60 km northwest of the village of Pemberton, in Southwest British Columbia. Based on the highly anomalous Cu-Mo-Au-Ag geochemical signature, the conceptual target is a large tonnage porphyry copper system. The Property was first identified in 2015 after a reconnaissance stream sediment survey indicated copper values >800 ppm originating from a large drainage of a north-facing slope adjacent to the Lillooet River, six kilometers west of South Creek.


The Property is largely underlain by medium-grained, equigranular biotite granodiorite of probable late Jurassic to early Cretaceous age, belonging to the Coast Plutonic Complex (CPC) (Figure 4). The biotite granodiorite is seen dyking into and intruding an older schistose to gneissic textured metamorphic rock, also belonging to the CPC. The metamorphic rock is composed predominantly of foliated and deformed quartz, feldspar and biotite with relict igneous textures and is likely an uplifted blockof older, deformed basement of the CPC.A single traverse along Anomaly Creek, the main drainage on the Property, revealed several undeformed and unaltered hypabyssal dykes of varying lithology, cross-cutting mineralized schist and silicified leucocratic granodiorite containing malachite staining on fractures. A small lens of skarnified limestone exposed in the creek may be part of a roof pendant of older metasedimentary and possibly metavolcanic rocks noncomformably overlying the CPC intrusives

Technical report

Shotgun Technical Report